G6PD: Contraindicated foods

23 Jun

We know that there is no exact answer to what exactly is going inside your kids body but we know for sure that the Red Blood Cell has big role in this phenomena.

I have found lots of foods and almost everything you can find in the kitchen has these harmful agents on them. Food or non-food. It may sound like it works as an allergy but remember kids can out grew allergy as for asthma but once kids are exposed to this contraindicated substance they may die.

I want to share to you some foods available in the market that has contraindicated agents added on them which is added on my list.

1. Biscuits or cakes with fillings.
2. Drinks with soya.
3. Yogurt with soya lecithin.
4. Cakes, cookies and breads with peanuts and almonds.
5. Ice cream with some peanuts added on it.
6. Salads where soya bean oil were used.
7. Lots of chocolates. Most of them are made with almonds and soya lecithin.
8. Anything menthol like the following:

  • Foods
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Bath soap
  • Cologne or Baby oil
  • and others

9. Medication. It is always wise to ask your pediatricians advise before giving any meds to your child.

10. For adults: Condom also mentholated oil they use when you go to a massage parlor.

This only mean that mothers or guardians should be vigilant to everything that these kids use from foods to personal hygiene. Always read the label, ingredients, this is the best armor we have to protect them.

Do you have anything to share?

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