23 Jun

Serious talk? sounds boring right? so how will you explain to your little angel that there are so many foods she cannot eat or use while her siblings or friends even mom and dad can? How can you explain Red blood cells? X chromosome? or your baby will just run and start playing… don’t you think?

Toddler has a short attention span so you have to find a way to get their attention and have them understand their condition the way you do.

Here are some things to remember that may help them understand and help you explain better.

  1. Honesty. Remember that we always taught our children to be honest all the time so now it is our turn to make those words into realty and practice what you preach. Being honest is not bad at all it all comes down to how you explain their condition and what are the scenarios that could happen when they intake contraindicated foods. It is okay to tell them they will or may die if they will eat foods that are contraindicated.You can relate it with bacteria or virus. Virus or bacteria as the agents from the contraindicated foods. It works the same way if the bacteria or virus is inside the body they will make you sick as for contraindicated foods when eaten they will destroy the red blood cells and can no longer supply oxygen to the organs as explained to my previous blog.
  2. Be Wise in explaining. If you think you are smart enough maybe not for your kid, kids tend to say the did understand you but they really don’t. Use picture of red blood cells with virus attached it or you can use your hands, right hand as the blood and the other hand engulfing or destroying the other, bed time stories works too. You know what interest your kid start from there.
  3. Information Dissemination. Make sure that the whole family knows everything to avoid future problems, teachers should know it too.
  4. No experiments. Never experiment, you never knew how fast their body reacts to these agents, as explained in my previous blog that individuals reacts differently in my daughter’s case little amount doesn’t hurt but I am not that sure if the RBC’s are dying without me noticing it or because her body doesn’t show any signs.
  5. Read. Surf the internet for more information, experiments or studies about G6PD are on going so many sites are posting new information and updating their list of contraindicated foods. There are group also where you can join and share your stories and experiences.

In a world where few doctors knew about G6PD it is always good to use your resources.

Do you have anything to share?

G6PD: Tips on how to deal with your kid

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