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Serious talk? sounds boring right? so how will you explain to your little angel that there are so many foods she cannot eat or use while her siblings or friends even mom and dad can? How can you explain Red blood cells? X chromosome? or your baby will just run and start playing… don’t you think?

Toddler has a short attention span so you have to find a way to get their attention and have them understand their condition the way you do.

Here are some things to remember that may help them understand and help you explain better.

  1. Honesty. Remember that we always taught our children to be honest all the time so now it is our turn to make those words into realty and practice what you preach. Being honest is not bad at all it all comes down to how you explain their condition and what are the scenarios that could happen when they intake contraindicated foods. It is okay to tell them they will or may die if they will eat foods that are contraindicated.You can relate it with bacteria or virus. Virus or bacteria as the agents from the contraindicated foods. It works the same way if the bacteria or virus is inside the body they will make you sick as for contraindicated foods when eaten they will destroy the red blood cells and can no longer supply oxygen to the organs as explained to my previous blog.
  2. Be Wise in explaining. If you think you are smart enough maybe not for your kid, kids tend to say the did understand you but they really don’t. Use picture of red blood cells with virus attached it or you can use your hands, right hand as the blood and the other hand engulfing or destroying the other, bed time stories works too. You know what interest your kid start from there.
  3. Information Dissemination. Make sure that the whole family knows everything to avoid future problems, teachers should know it too.
  4. No experiments. Never experiment, you never knew how fast their body reacts to these agents, as explained in my previous blog that individuals reacts differently in my daughter’s case little amount doesn’t hurt but I am not that sure if the RBC’s are dying without me noticing it or because her body doesn’t show any signs.
  5. Read. Surf the internet for more information, experiments or studies about G6PD are on going so many sites are posting new information and updating their list of contraindicated foods. There are group also where you can join and share your stories and experiences.

In a world where few doctors knew about G6PD it is always good to use your resources.

Do you have anything to share?

G6PD: Tips on how to deal with your kid

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G6PD: Contraindicated foods

We know that there is no exact answer to what exactly is going inside your kids body but we know for sure that the Red Blood Cell has big role in this phenomena.

I have found lots of foods and almost everything you can find in the kitchen has these harmful agents on them. Food or non-food. It may sound like it works as an allergy but remember kids can out grew allergy as for asthma but once kids are exposed to this contraindicated substance they may die.

I want to share to you some foods available in the market that has contraindicated agents added on them which is added on my list.

1. Biscuits or cakes with fillings.
2. Drinks with soya.
3. Yogurt with soya lecithin.
4. Cakes, cookies and breads with peanuts and almonds.
5. Ice cream with some peanuts added on it.
6. Salads where soya bean oil were used.
7. Lots of chocolates. Most of them are made with almonds and soya lecithin.
8. Anything menthol like the following:

  • Foods
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Bath soap
  • Cologne or Baby oil
  • and others

9. Medication. It is always wise to ask your pediatricians advise before giving any meds to your child.

10. For adults: Condom also mentholated oil they use when you go to a massage parlor.

This only mean that mothers or guardians should be vigilant to everything that these kids use from foods to personal hygiene. Always read the label, ingredients, this is the best armor we have to protect them.

Do you have anything to share?

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What is G6PD

Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase: Things to remember

Know what is G6PD

Mothers wants to know what is this condition and the best way to understand what is going on inside their child’s body. That is to understand the underlying condition. In my experience I have been with different pediatricians hoping someone can give me something to ease my mind but until now I end up researching and reading anything related to G6PD. If some of you drop by this site you probably knew already how G6PD affects your child’s body.

This condition is usually passed on to females, the gene X is believed to be the gene that is some what causing the condition. Apparently girls have two of those, the XX chromosome.

What is going on?

It is said that G6PD has something to do with the Red Blood Cells so I always keep in mind to keep red blood cells healthy. Keep in mind that your RBC carries oxygen that will be pumped into you organs to be used in your daily activities. If there is not enough supply of RBC you should watch out for the signs and symptoms like your kid will tell you they are tired playing or suddenly sleepy, looks pale, faint and worst cases the contraindicated foods may kill RBC which can cause hemolysis meaning hemo- blood and Lysis- distraction.

My experience

Through reading on different web sites some say that the reaction to the agents are different in each individual. For my daughter i tried giving her a biscuit that has soya lecithin, sometimes chocolates and vegetables that has bitter melon (ampalaya) added on it (Pinakbet), there is no big bad reaction on her part but please do not try any experiments on them.

Let your kid comprehend with her condition, explain everything to them while they are young making them prepared enough to say no to their favorite foods. I never tried giving her nuts, tokwa, peanut butter or peanuts and no menthol candies but I have tried giving her toothpaste that is mentholated.

Their are lots of sites that has lists of foods that are contraindicated with someone who has G6PD. I hope this post helps and make sure not to give contraindicated foods.

G6PD Deficiency Confirmatory Centers, Philippines


Newborn Screening

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