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What is G6PD

Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase: Things to remember

Know what is G6PD

Mothers wants to know what is this condition and the best way to understand what is going on inside their child’s body. That is to understand the underlying condition. In my experience I have been with different pediatricians hoping someone can give me something to ease my mind but until now I end up researching and reading anything related to G6PD. If some of you drop by this site you probably knew already how G6PD affects your child’s body.

This condition is usually passed on to females, the gene X is believed to be the gene that is some what causing the condition. Apparently girls have two of those, the XX chromosome.

What is going on?

It is said that G6PD has something to do with the Red Blood Cells so I always keep in mind to keep red blood cells healthy. Keep in mind that your RBC carries oxygen that will be pumped into you organs to be used in your daily activities. If there is not enough supply of RBC you should watch out for the signs and symptoms like your kid will tell you they are tired playing or suddenly sleepy, looks pale, faint and worst cases the contraindicated foods may kill RBC which can cause hemolysis meaning hemo- blood and Lysis- distraction.

My experience

Through reading on different web sites some say that the reaction to the agents are different in each individual. For my daughter i tried giving her a biscuit that has soya lecithin, sometimes chocolates and vegetables that has bitter melon (ampalaya) added on it (Pinakbet), there is no big bad reaction on her part but please do not try any experiments on them.

Let your kid comprehend with her condition, explain everything to them while they are young making them prepared enough to say no to their favorite foods. I never tried giving her nuts, tokwa, peanut butter or peanuts and no menthol candies but I have tried giving her toothpaste that is mentholated.

Their are lots of sites that has lists of foods that are contraindicated with someone who has G6PD. I hope this post helps and make sure not to give contraindicated foods.

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